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Double track 4.88 m Bestway

Double track 4.88 m Bestway

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The double slide with speed ramp is Bestway's offer this summer for all children who don't know what boredom is!
The H2O GO Bestway water slide is a water slide designed for people who love great fun in the fresh air. The slide is irrigated by showers located on the slide.
Incredible fun guaranteed! The water showers built into the slide will allow you to have fun in addition to cooling off on hot days, they work by connecting the garden
hose to special hooks. Thanks to the modern design and durable, proven material used in the construction of the slide, its operation will be trouble-free.

Key Features of H2O GO! The slide:
- high-quality, proven vinyl ensures trouble-free use
- the water showers built into the slide will ensure maximum sliding
- inflatable soft cover
- two skating rinks
- repair patch included

Slide installation:
- the slide must be placed on grass or sand
- connect the garden hose to the spray heads and it's ready!

A water slide with a fountain is the perfect attraction for people who value frontal fun above all else. The slide will bring special fun to family and friends.
All this thanks to a well-thought-out design, an additional niche at the end that creates a specific swimming pool and a system of side cascades that constantly
moistens the surface and allows for higher speeds. And a double slide is double the fun! Anyway, whoever wins, the tallest 4.88m,
the wettest and fastest ride awaits you.

Technical data:
- track length 488 cm
- durable vinyl material with thickness
- age 3+

Ice rink H2O GO! has something for everyone who likes fun.

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